Police in Kitwe thwarts NDC anti-Chinese protest

 Police in Kitwe thwarts NDC anti-Chinese protest

Police in Kitwe have turned down the request by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to stage a protest against Avic International a Chinese run firm.

NDC National Youth Chairperson Charles Kabwita says police have cited security concerns in turning down the request.

Mr Kabwita said the police command in Kitwe has today officially communicated the decision to deny the NDC a police permit.

But Mr Kabwita has insisted that the NDC will proceed with its planned protest on August 4.

He said the reasons cited by police to deny the NDC a permit is political.

He accused PF of using gag dissenting views and political groupings.

The NDC National youth leader said the youth league of the party will be on hand to provide security to party officials who will participate in the Anti-Chinese protest.

According to initial plans, NDC youths intended to present a petition to the office of the District Commissioner in Kitwe.

NDC youths are infuriated with the continued awarding of business contacts to Avic international by the government.

The NDC feels the Avic contracts have greatly disadvantaged local entrepreneurs.

Mr Kabwita alleged that the Avic deals are wrapped in corruption.

He said it is unfair that the PF is using Avic international to perpetuate money laundering activities.

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