PMRC wants paradigm shift on 7NDP

 PMRC wants paradigm shift on 7NDP

Policy Monitoring Research Centre (PMRC) has called on Zambians to take ownership of the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP).

PMRC Head of Research Program Salim Kaunda said owning the 7NDP would contribute toward the implementation of the some programs such as the ‘National Mindset Change Education (NMCE),’ program.

Mr Kaunda said the National Mindset Change Education and the 7NDP can blend well so that people can start from what they learnt in schools and aligned it with what they aspire for.

“Our curriculum has a mismatch with the 7NDP. Things are changing and we need our schools to blend, not where our pupils taking 10 subjects but with no bearing on their career. When they go to college they start over while people in other countries are exposed to technology at a young age.

“PMRC wants to do things differently and achieve the goals of the 7NDP because there has been other previous National Development Plans (NDP) that failed. We need to learn a lesson from them and make it better with the 7NDP. The 7NDP will shape the economy of this country,” he said.

Mr Kaunda said poor time management, poor working culture, poor reading culture and low productivity lead to the failure of the previous (NDP).

He said if these challenges are not address, no matter what Zambia might do, they will still affect the plan and remain underdeveloped.

“That is why PMRC is passionate about the mindset in trying to make sure that we implement 7NDP in all spheres.

Ndola Council Public Relations Manager Tiliyenji Mwanza said that the media should be constructive and not distractive in order to help in the implementation of the plan 7NDP.

Ms Mwanza said that the local authorities cannot work in isolation to share the information to it targeted audience.

While Press Association of Zambia President Andrew Sakala said that professionalism is key to reporting the truth.

Mr Sakala said the Journalists hold the power to hold policy makers accountable, hence the need for Journalists to be courageous in gathering and interpreting the information.

And PMRC Executive Director Bernadette Deka called on the media to be strong-willed and take Zambia to its highest glory.

Ms Deka said the county should have strong Journalists to inform the masses.

She said urged Journalists to arise and influence the policy making and set the agenda.


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