Planned fuel increment condamned

 Planned fuel increment condamned

The Economic Front Party says that it is inhuman and retrogressive for Government to continue subjecting citizens to monthly fuel reviews and increments.

EFP Spokesperson Humphrey Kabwe said that this is done while President Hichilema and ministers are receiving free fuel using tax payers’ money.

Mr Kabwe has since condemned and urged well-meaning Zambians to stand up and stop the monthly fuel reviews.

“We called upon the church, trade unions, NGO’s, students, civil society organizations, political parties and well-meaning Zambians to stand up and stop this fuel increment by this uncaring Government. Because this will push up the cost of living, which will in turn affect production,” he said.

Mr Kabwe said that it is uncalled for that Government plans to increase fuel due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

“Where is the k12 fuel that president Hichilema promised while in opposition? What has happened to the middlemen he promised to remove since they made the cost of fuel to be at k17 in the previous government? He told the nation that the previous leaders were stealing K4. Currently, fuel is costing K21, the question that begs an answer is who now is stealing the K8 since fuel has not reduced to the K12 you promised?” he said.

The EFP proposed to Government to reintroduce mineral royalty tax that will give it enough revenue to reintroduce subsidies on fuel.