PF wins Chilanga

 PF wins Chilanga

The ruling PF has won the Chilanga parliamentary seat wrestling it from UPND.

PF’s Maria Langa polled 7, 226 against 6410 her closest rival Charmaine Musonda of UPND.

Chilanga Returning Officer Wibroad Bwalya declared Ms Langa as the duly elected Member of Parliament in the early hours of today.

A total of 14, 121 votes were cast and 189 were rejected as invalid.

Francis Kope of UPPZ polled 204 while NAREP candidate Charlie Mazabuka got partry 92 votes.

The Chilanga seat became vacant after its MP on UNPD ticket Keith Munkata was convicted of murder.

Local Government elections

Eastern Province
Chilongozi Ward
PF 934
UPND 437
RP 33
3LM 38
Rej. 22

Luapula Province
Mununga Ward
FDD 268
PF 1112
REJ 04

Musonda Ward
NRC 73
PF 691
UPND 103
REJ 10.

Northern Province
Chumba Ward
PF 932
UPND 252
NDC 58
Rej 13

Eastern Province
Luangwa Ward
PF 427
NDC 151
Rej. 07

Northern Province
Musowa Ward
PF 715
UPND 146
NDC 156
Rej. 17

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