PF to treat all applicants equally in Mwansabombwe

 PF to treat all applicants equally in Mwansabombwe

The  ruling Patriotic Front (PF) says all applicants in the forthcoming Mwansabombwe parliamentary by-election in Luapula Province will be treated equally as there is absolutely no preferred candidate ahead of the adoption process.

The Mwansabombwe by-election has been necessitated by the untimely death of PF lawmaker Rodgers ‘Ichela Bakaka’ Mwewa.

PF Secretary General  Davies Mwila said until the Central Committee adopts the candidate after recommendations from the structures at Constituency, District and the Province, no Minister is allowed to hold any private mobilization meetings in Mwansabombwe.

Mr Mwila has emphasized that only a Candidate that has the full support of the grassroots will be adopted and the party will not tolerate any attempt by any official, Senior or Junior, to influence the choice of a Candidate.

He said this earlier today when he addressed party functionaries in Mwansabombwe district.

“We must be united as we get into the forthcoming by-election. There is absolutely no organization, be it a Church or NGO, which does not demand for discipline. There is no way any institution can make progress without discipline! And discipline demands that you follow procedure. There has to be order as we embark on the adoption process for our candidate in Mwansabobwe. We can’t even blame our officials at the ward as the culprits in the adoption process are usually the constituency and district officials,” he said.

“I want to say this Provincial Chairman. Except the President and the Vice President, I do not expect any official below the Secretary General to come and hold any private mobilization meetings in Mwansabombwe before the Central Committee unveils the name of our Candidate here. Not even a Cabinet Minister! We have to allow the will of the grassroots to prevail. No one should influence the choice of a candidate.”

The Secretary General is accompanied by the Provincial Chairperson, MCC. Nickson Chilangwa, MP,  and his Executive, the Chairperson for Elections, MCC. Yamfwa Mukanga, the Chairperson for Lands, Environmental Protection and Natural Resources MCC. Emmanuel Mpankata, Director Administration Mr. Alick Tembo and the Media Director Mr Sunday Chanda.


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