PF to pay K8.8m legal fees

 PF to pay K8.8m legal fees

The High Court has entered a consent Judgment in which the opposition Patriotic Front is expected to pay 8-point 8-million kwacha as legal fees to four law firms.

In this matter a property stand number LN 8426/1, which belongs to the PF has been attached to the proceedings and will be sold to recover the money.

The money will be used to pay legal fees including for those who are yet to sue Nixon Chilangwa who is acting Secretary General of the opposition PF.

The judgment has further directed that if the property becomes difficult to sale for any reason or cannot pay for all the legal fees being demanded, the plaintiff will be free to execute the judgment in line with the Court’s desire.

In this matter Mr Chilangwa has been sued by Ituna Partners, Mulungushi Chambers, BC legal practitioner and Linas E. Eyaa and Partners.

The four firms want the Judgment to be executed so that they can get their legal fees from the PF.

This is according to the consent judgment passed by High Court Judge Isaac Kamwendo