PF surges with Jerabos on HH

 PF surges with Jerabos on HH

Business was interrupted in Kitwe’s Central Business District as thousands of youths working for various Chinese companies and Chapamo Processing limited matched around town in solidarity for the foreign investors.

The youths who were ‘chanting we want peace’ were matching to denounce the continued attacks on the Chinese and other nationals.

The youths, who were led by the famous jerabo Richard Chileshe popularly known as Chile One, carried placards that read ‘we say no to inciting of xenophobic attacks of all foreign nationals’.

Speaking when they delivered their petition at the Kitwe District Office Mr Chileshe warned the United Party for National Development President Hakainde Hichilema and his party that they will not allow them to come to the Copperbelt and bring confusions in the operations of the foreign national.

Mr Chileshe said if UPND continues to incite the youths in the province they will be forced to start acting as jerabos.

Mr Chileshe said the jerabos will not allow opposition leaders to frustrate foreigners who have brought investment in the country.

“Without foreign investment the small scale miners cannot work and earn a living. The visibly annoyed Chileshe said the jerabos will chase anyone who will come to the Copperbelt to bring confusions adding that they are ready to follow anyone up to their homes to sort them out.

‘’we are tired of these people. I will give instructions to my commanders to be on the lookout and deal with any opposition leader who will come to bring confusion. We are ready to fight with anyone and the fights will not end where we fight but we will finish it at your home,’’ he said.

Speaking earlier small scale miners association of Zambia spokesperson Samson Mpembwe said his association will not condone opposition political leaders that come to the province to use the youths as tools of violence.

Mr Mpembwe said what youths are looking for in the province is empowerment as seen by what the republican president has done by giving 10 percent of the black mountain.

Mr Mpembwe said any leader inciting youths to rise against the Chinese who have brought development will be dealt with.

“Our association is not happy that UPND came to the Copperbelt to lie that ZAFFICO was sold to the Chinese thereby inciting the people to riot,” he said.

Patriotic Front Kitwe District Chairperson Christopher Kang’ombe who was on hand assured the small scale miners that he will hand over the petition to the President.






Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.

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