PF should treat land issues with sensitivity

 PF should treat land issues with sensitivity

Dear Editor,

I write to urge Patriotic Front Party to be very sober and sensitive with the land issues going on currently in the nation if it wants to have easy campaign in 2021.

It is so disheartening to see that high ranking political figures in PF have teamed up against the people that advanced their ascendance to political office.

The issue of Forest 27 is settled and dusted because culprits are political heavy weights in PF while they have gone ahead to make sure that ordinary citizens don’t get land from their districts without facing the law.

These are the ordinary cadres they use for campaigns without handsome remuneration, which has left them with no option but illegally getting land that is unoccupied to benefit themselves.

The gap between the riches of our PF politicians and their bosses (their cadres) is ridiculously big, hence the scramble for own source of money (the land).

If the leaders in PF have any iota in their blood, they should handle the land issues going on with sensitivity and caution so that they don’t injure their political stay in office any further.

Things on the ground currently are not fertile for PF and one wonders what gives these leaders the pomposity that they will win 2021 elections.

Truth told, yes you have done well in infrastructure development and roads network, but should not blind you thinking things are okay. People hardly have three meals and those are the ones that vote.

Worse still is where you the servants are minting big without shame while the masses are complaining daily. What is annoying most is where you are busy sharing everything in the name of authority in broad day light while everyone is watching, shame!

You have made sure that the national cake is not shared equally but luckily, everyone is watching.


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John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism

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