PF setting a bad presidency over corruption

 PF setting a bad presidency over corruption

Dear Editor
The huge crowd that besieged the Lusaka Magistrate Courts forcing the court to adjourn  the matter in the case of Chitalu Chilufya over corruption allegations to a later date will go in the genesis book of records for PF and Zambia at large.
The crowd which comprised of Luapula Chiefs and PF cadres mainly was uncalled for to say the least. Who sponsored those chiefs all the way from Luapula to offer solidarity to a Minister amid Covid-19 restrictions? Have restrictions been lifted?
What message does this send to the prosecution team when a sitting Minister goes to court with full immunity in the company of such a horde of chiefs and cadres?
What has gone wrong with our politicians who seem to have taken everything in their hands including abuse of office.
Zambians wake up and see the impunity of your so called leaders. Ferrying chiefs and cadres and even booking them in five star accommodations for the sake of offering solidarity is the most insane thing Zambia has witnessed over years. What motivated this action? Can any Zambian do that without being confronted by law enforcement officers? Are our politicians above the law and if so, which law?
That crowd of the so called chiefs are simply telling the magistrate that Chitalu Chilufya is innocent, yet when you get to any hospital or clinic all you get are prescriptions and not medicine.
While all this nonsense is happening in a country deemed as a Christian nation and led by a humble president, one wonders where he is, not to be concerned with the bad presidency PF is setting!
My appeal to ACC is to just discontinue this case now than wasting your time on an issue we know where it is going for the end results are already predetermined.
Finally, the architecture of Covid 19 guidelines got exposed on that day at court as there was no social distancing while other sympathisers had no masks on. Question is, do we really have Covid 19 in Zambia?

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