PF in Southern province condemns violence

 PF in Southern province condemns violence

Patriotic Front (PF) Southern Province Chairman Lawrence Evans has condemned the violence being carried out by suspected UPND members on the PF leadership and members in Southern Province.

Mr Evans who alleged that the UPND systematically carried out violence in Southern Province said it was targeted on the Provincial Campaign Teams led by PF Provincial Vice Chairman Leonard Siachona.

“The youths were attacked while conducting a door to door campaign programme in Dundumwezi when they got to Sichimbwali Primary School football ground near Chief Chikanta’s palace, some PF members among them PF Provincial Youth Chairperson Obby Mweemba sustained injuries,” he said.

Mr Evans said the party has since reported the matter to the police and is confident that it will be handled.

“The party is concerned that the UPND attacked some PF members just after a few days their party leader Hakainde Hichilema and other Presidential candidates committed to peaceful elections,” HE SAID.

However, the UPND Party Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said he is not aware about the alleged violent incident that occurred between the UPND and PF in Dundumwezi.

“If the said violence happened, it is unfortunate and the police should bring the culprits to book, our party has condemned any form of violence and all members of the UPND are upholding peace, and the Campaigns in Southern Province have been peaceful between the UPND and PF,” he said.

And Southern Province Police Commissioner Charles Lungu said the police received the report of violence that occurred between the suspected UPND and PF in Dundumwezi.

“The police in the district have instituted investigations into the matter, and have advised political parties to always inform the police when they are going in the field so that they are monitored to avoid such cases from happening,” he said.