PF in Chingola cry of manipulated voters’ register

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…Lusaka PF clash in Chawama

Copperbelt PF leadership will today be in Chingola to iron out the complaints from some ward candidates who complained of being left out on the voters’ register.

PF Ward officials in Chingola Constituency have complained to The Independent Observer that some elite members are engineering their pawns into the structures to safeguard their agenda.

Copperbelt PF Chairperson Stephen Kainga said there were complaints of manipulation of the voters’ registers where some members were complaining of being left out and barred from contesting.

Mr Kainga said the complaints are at ward level and today the provincial leadership will sit with the Ward officials, Constituency and the Chingola District leadership to verify and iron out the complaints.

And Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila says he will not allow violence to characterize intra-party polls.

Mr Mwila said he was disturbed with reported clashes among Party cadres from Chawama Constituency in Lusaka today.

Speaking from Chipata where he is officially launching intra-party elections for Eastern Province, Mr Mwila said violence must never be associated with democracy.

“PF shall not condone indiscipline in the Party. Our intra-party elections were never designed to weaken our in-built democracy but to strengthen it.

“The reported violence involving cadres from Chawama Constituency in Lusaka today is an affront to democracy and will not be condoned by the Party. The Party is therefore calling on the Police to bring all perpetrators of this violence to book. I am also directing all members of the Party with information to cooperate with the Police,” he has said.

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