PF has killed Agriculture sector-NDC East Boss

 PF has killed Agriculture sector-NDC East Boss

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in eastern province PF has crippled the agriculture sector in the eastern province which is the region’s main economic engine.

In a walk-in interview at Feel Free Radio station, NDC provincial chairman Samuel Lugomo Phiri said the maize floor price and cotton price show that PF is not interested in the welfare of the farmers.

Mr Phiri notes that the PF has failed to deliver what it promised the Zambian people, but has since brought untold suffering on the citizens.

He said that various pronouncements that have been made in the sector have since become rhetoric.

Mr Phiri has called citizens not to continue listening to lies, but should wake up from slumber

“I’m also is calling on all opposition parties to unite and speak one voice. All opposition parties need to have unity of purpose in order to effectively challenge the ruling PF in 2021,” he said.

He has observed that the country is currently faced with serious economic and social hardships and that everyone is able to attest to this fact/Feel Free Radio.

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