PF deserve another mandate- Kasompe ward candidate Martin Lombe

 PF deserve another mandate- Kasompe ward candidate Martin Lombe

Patriotic Front Kasompe Ward candidate Martin Lombe says that the massive developmental projects undertaken by the PF government across the country is the clear testimony that the PF party means well.

Mr Lombe said it’s for that reason the Zambians should vote them back into power, continuity for a prosperous, peaceful, stable and an all-inclusive Zambia, making every Zambian count.

He said Kasompe ward requires a leader of his caliber who understands the challenges of the people and able to listen to their needs.

He said that the challenges of the road networks, blocked drainages, garbage collection and erratic water supply will only be tackled by a person who stays within the community of Kasompe.

Mr Lombe said that the area has expanded and a police post is needed to beef up security in the area.

He said that he was the right candidate to change the case of Kasompe and deliver the people.

“I know Kasompe in and out and once am voted into power things in Kasompe will never be the same I will ensure that the clinic is expanded to cater for the growing population and the school as well because we only have one combined school in the area. We also need to have a mortuary in Kasompe and a shelter at the cemetery,” he said.

Mr Lombe said most of the people are farmers, more reason to increase the catchment area for the Farmer Support program so that people can survive.

He said youth empowerment and women empowerment are also a challenge and the people need empowerment.

Mr Lombe said that the people should vote for PF Leadership in all position because the opposition has nothing to offer.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.