Petauke man murders wife, commits suicide

By Daniel Sichinga
A-39-year-old man of Petauke has committed suicide after murdering his wife.

Police Public Relations Officer Esther Katongo said Felix Mwambula killed his wife Brenda Kamocha, 35 after a matrimonial dispute.

Ms Katongo said Mwambula allegedly murdered his wife after a domestic dispute which resulted into a fight occurred around 02:00 hours earlier morning of today.

“Brenda was then rushed to Petauke District Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Police visited the crime scene and picked the wooden plunk believed to have been used in the murder,” she said.

She said Ms Kamocha sustained three deep cuts in the head and died.

Ms Katongo said Mwambula in panic fled to his maize field where he ingested some pesticide around 11:00 hrs today and later called his friend who is a taxi driver who rushed there.

And his friend instead of rushing him to the hospital he took him to Petauke Police Station in unconscious state, then from the police he was rushed to Petauke District Hospital where he died.

The two bodies are in Petauke District Hospital mortuary.

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