Petauke cop nabbed for murder

 Petauke cop nabbed for murder

Police in Eastern Province have arrested and charged a Petauke based Police officer with murder after the death of a  resident who was shot at by Police during the enforcement of Covid-19 guidelines.

Eastern Province police Commissioner Luckson Sakala said the victim was accidentally hit by a stray bullet as Police tried to disperse unruly people at a bar which defied the Presidential directive.

Mr Sakala said the victim was taken to St Francis Mission hospital on July 24,2020 and succumbed to gunshot wounds around 04:00 hours today.

He said the officer who is alleged to have discharged a gun during the operation has been detained and charged with murder.

Mr Sakala said the officer will appear in court soon.

Hospital authorities at St Francis Mission hospital said the deceased underwent three operations before his demise.

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