PeP welcomes HH’s commitment to employ on merit

 PeP welcomes HH’s commitment to employ on merit

Patriots for Economic Progress leader Sean Tembo (PeP) says the party has welcomed the commitment that President-Elect Hakainde Hichilema has given to Zambians that all job appointments by his Government will be made on merit.

Mr Tembo said that once Mr Hichilema is sworn into office, before he dismisses and replaces anyone, he needs to conduct a performance audit.

Mr Tembo said that this will objectively determine who is underperforming and needs to be replaced and who has been performing well and needs to be retained under his administration.

“In the absence of any performance audit, it will be wrong for President Hichilema to start firing and replacing civil servants and parastatal employees, as such a move will lack any basis and will be arbitrary. It will also act contrary to his commitment that he will only appoint people on merit,” he said.

The Patriots have since reiterate their committed to support President-Elect Hichilema throughout his presidency.

Mr Tembo says this is because they believe that when President Hichilema succeeds, Zambia and Zambians would have succeeded too.

“Our support of the President will be on condition that he does the right things which will be for the benefit of the Zambian people. If we detect any deviation from transparency, accountability, equity, fairness, competency and justice, we will not hesitate to voice our objections accordingly,” he said.