PeP president urges opposition parties to ignore restrictions on rallies

 PeP president urges opposition parties to ignore restrictions on rallies

Patriot for Economic Progress (PeP) says the party is disappointed with the double standards that are being exhibited by President Edgar Lungu in terms of election campaigns.

PeP Leader Sean Tembo said President Lungu during his campaign launch that there shall be no rallies or huge gatherings while he himself was addressing a huge gathering.

“In other words, President Lungu wants his political opponents not to campaign while he himself is busy campaigning, we wish to advise all fellow opposition political parties to ignore President Lungu’s pronouncement on campaign restrictions with the contempt that it deserves, all opposition political parties should be reminded that we currently in the official 90 days campaign period and there is no legal requirement whatsoever to get a permit for a rally from any authority,” he said.

Mr Tembo said that the opposition should not allow being intimidated anyhow, because President Lungu cannot also be the referee to dictate when the opposition should campaign and when they should not.

He said that it is evident that President Lungu is trying to mitigate his fast dwindling political fortunes through intimidation of his political opponents.

“We are sure that President Lungu is fully aware that he has no sound basis on which to ask the Zambian people to re-elect him back into office, His road infrastructure pitch is a mockery as there are no roads to talk home about outside of Lusaka, regardless of whether one goes east, west, north or south, his economic prosperity pitch is only applicable to those around him whom he has given lucrative tenders to supply expired drugs and grandmotherly looking fire trucks, the common Zambian is in dire poverty and squalor” he said.

Mr Tembo advised President Lungu to spend his remaining few days in office apologizing to the Zambian people for grossly mismanaging the country while in office.

He said President Edgar Lungu should stop wasting his energy intimidating political opponents using COVID-19 regulation.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.