Pay retirees their money-NDC

 Pay retirees their money-NDC

National Democratic Congress in Mufulira has called on President Edgar Lungu to finish with the vision that the late President Michael Sata started of paying the retirees their pension benefits.

NDC aspiring candidate for Mufulira Central Reagan Kashinga said that government should stick to the promises they made when they were voted in of paying the pensioners their packages.

And NDC Mufulira district chairperson Leonard Sikanyika said that government should look into the plight of the retirees as they have saved the nation diligently.

“When president Michael Sata came into power, paying of pensioners became as a priority and he started paying pensioners their money, so we want President Edgar to continue with that legacy,” he said.

Mr Kashinga said that government cannot fail to pay the money when there busy dishing out the cash to cadres and on social media.

He said it is sad to see people languishing in poverty when government is owing them their money, he said people voted for them because of the massage they preached in 2016.

Mr Kashinga said the best campaign the patriotic front can offer now is paying the pensioners their money because they have families to look after.

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