Pay contractors reasonable salaries, Chilundika urges

 Pay contractors reasonable salaries, Chilundika urges

Nchanga Member of Parliament Derricky Chilundika has called on the Contractors at Nchanga’s Konkola Cooper Mine (KCM) to respect Labour laws.

Mr Chilundika said that employers should ensure that they adhere to the stipulated laws that guide the Labour force in the country.

He said it is unacceptable that some contractors do not give their workers Nightshift off days accordingly.

Mr Chilundika said exploiting workers in the UPND Government will not be tolerated at all cost.

“I have received a lot of complaints from the contract workers, such as no pay slips, delayed payments, unreasonably low salaries and not getting in paid in full, we will not allow this trend to go on, pay your workers what is due to them, give them respectable salaries,” he said.

He also said there is need to have written contracts signed between the employee and employer, stating that it is illegal for any company to work with workers without a written agreement.

Mr Chilundika also called on the employers to treat their employees with respect and end victimization of those that are speaking out.

He said that results should be seen so that solutions are found because the issue of abuse of contractor miners has dragged for long.

And Chingola Senior Labour Officer Susiku Mutete said that his office has of late received a lot of complaints regarding abuse of contracts by employers which is contrary to the lws of Zambia.

Mr Mutete has implored the contractors to ensure that they follow the Labour laws as stipulated.

And one of contract workers Mwamba Kapinga demanded for better pay and fair working conditions for all miners.

Mr Kapinga said that rest is important and most contractors are not given night swift days off.

Another worker Simon Kasongo called on KCM to remove the biometric system as it is unfair to them.

He said that the biometric system is not working accordingly for everyone as it enters wrong work time, which in turn affects monthly salaries.

And KCM mediator between KCM and contractors Regan Bweupe assured the contractors that the biometric system will be improved, stating the system is not faulty as thought.

Mr Bweupe said that the other issues raised will be addressed after the meeting with the board.

Recently, KCM contractor workers have been complaining about poor work conditions  and low salaries.