Pastors blessing marriages for under age children warned

 Pastors blessing marriages for under age children warned

By Onishias Maamba
A traditional leader in Chadiza district  has warned of punitive action against pastors who  are blessing marriages of under aged children.

Chief Mulolo of the Chewa people says he will not take lightly anyone encouraging child marriages because the region has high  illiteracy levels, child labour and teenage pregnancies.

He has described as unfortunate the happenings in Chadiza, stressing that  stern action will be mated oneveryone championing the vice in a quest to bring sanity in the district.

Chief Mulolo notes that the clergy play a critical in instilling morals in the youth, but indicates that is disappointing when they begin to condone negative vices.

He has since implored pastors to ensure that they verify the ages of people wishing to get married before blessing marriages.

And in a related development, Petauke District Commissioner (DC) Vanalesi Moyo has challenged parents and guardians to render counselling to their children while they are still young.

The DC said this in Chadiza district during a community meeting.

Ms Moyo says cases of child marriages has been on the increase in the area due the modernity gap between children and parents.

She has observed that the church and parents are a good foundation that can help in imparting morals in children in a bid to fight the negative vices that have continued happening in society.

The has expressed shock that children of nowadays do not even report strange things that happen to them after becoming of age.

She has since called for concerted efforts from various stakeholders if the child marriages are to be fully eliminated.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.

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