Parents urged to help in maintaining peace ahead of the polls

 Parents urged to help in maintaining peace ahead of the polls

Patriotic Front Chingola ward candidate Victor Mpundu has urged the parents to preach peace and unity to their children ahead of the Thursday’s general elections.

Speaking in an interview with the Independent Observer, Mr Mpundu said that parents should be in forefront to help maintaining peace in the country.

“Children come from our homes and  it is our responsibility as parents to ensure that we talk to our children and educate them  about  violence, let them know that violence will not take us  anywhere but to  destroy the peace the country is enjoying ,” he said.

He said people should cast their votes peacefully instead of promoting violence because elections are not war but a time to choose credible leaders that will lead the nation to greater height.

Mr Mpundu said people should continue adhering to the laws that have been put in place for the betterment of the country.

He has urged electorates to turn out in numbers to cast their votes on Thursday general elections.

Mr Mpundu has also called on the residents of Chingola Central to vote for him and the PF Government ahead of the Thursday polls.

Zambia is set to vote in local government, parliamentary and presidential general elections, slated for August 12, 2021.