Chingola Head Teachers levying Covid-19 fees

By Staff Writer Chingola Head Teachers Support team is asking for K1, 000 from each school as money to be used to disinfect schools. This is against the memo from Ministry of General Education Permanent Secretary dated March 30, 2020. Despite this memo above from General Education Permanent Secretary Dr Jobbicks Kalumba, the Head Teachers’ Support team went ahead to write schools on May 6 … Continue reading Chingola Head Teachers levying Covid-19 fees

UNZA hostels now coronavirus free

By JOHN SAKALA The University of Zambia (UNZA) says the hostels are now coronavirus (Covid-19) free. UNZA Acting Head of Communication and Marketing Brenda Bukowa said the hostels at the Great East Road campus have been disinfected and safe to use as of Friday, May 30, 2020. “UNZA management would like to inform the university community, as well as the general public that the new … Continue reading UNZA hostels now coronavirus free

ZRA Boss’ belief in local solutions pays dividends

By Mumbo Lombe FZICA, ACCA, MBA From time immemorial, Zambian leaders have called on citizens to find local solutions to local challenges. Unfortunately this call has not been taken seriously by many Zambians. Evidently many Zambians prefer foreign goods and services to local ones. Painfully so, this is very evident in the ICT space where Zambia spends millions of dollars every year on ICT solutions … Continue reading ZRA Boss’ belief in local solutions pays dividends

LM promises youth empowerment

By JOHN SAKALA Leadership Movement (LM) Youth Coordinator Chalwe Chanadala says LM will bring back the youth empowerment fund in 2021 once in power. Mr Chandalala said with Zambia being hit by coronavirus the majority of the youths are living in poverty. “As a caring government we promise to bring back the Youth Empowerment Fund which will help a huge number of unemployed youths. “Under … Continue reading LM promises youth empowerment