PAC ready to contest 2021 elections

By Ireen Mulenga
Opposition People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) President Andyford Banda says the party is ready to contest the August 12, 2021 general elections because they understand the dynamics of politics.

Mr Banda said that there is a deeper science behind politics, that most Zambians don’t know as they understands politics from the Newspaper.

Mr Banda said the party will continue with the same vision of 2016, Creating thousands of employment, empowering youths and fighting Corruption.

He said given the mandate to rule Zambia in 2016, a lot of things would have changed.

Mr Banda said the PF have failed the people of Zambia and most of the things there are pointing at, are out of  debt that has put the country in problems.

He said for a president to rule the country well, he has to look the key indicators of the economy, the kwacha, mealie meal , fuel prices and fertilizers.

“When the PF came into power, they found everything low compared to what there are today. And this is a clear indication that they have failed, “he said.

Mr Banda said he cannot enter an alliance with anyone because their ideology is different and other parties keeps on recycling politicians who have failed to deliver.

He said if given the chance come august 12, he will change the political system, restructure the government and put people with greater talent in key positions .

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