Overcrowded mourners cautioned

 Overcrowded mourners cautioned

Chililabombwe Municipal Council has warned members of the public against overcrowding at funeral gatherings as it is posing a challenge in efforts aimed at preventing further spread of Covid-19.

Council Director of Public Health Dr Gift Sakanyi said that the local authority is concerned with the number of people gathering at funerals despite the rise in number of cases in the district.

Dr Sakanyi said the team of Public Health Inspectors yesterday dispersed a funeral gathering that had more than 100 people assembled with no health guidelines being observed, and the deceased is suspected to have been a Covid-19 patient.

He said the local authority is giving a strict warning to residents who are in a laxity mood and ignoring clear guidelines and still overcrowding at both funeral houses and cemeteries.

Dr Sakanyi encouraged relatives of any deceased to ensure that only close relatives attend the burial proceedings to avoid putting people at risk of contracting Covid-19.

“We all want to mourn our loved ones but we must understand that if we go against the directives given, more people will contract the virus and the death toll in our country will increase,” he said.

He further warned churches that have continued having church services for more than 1 hour and with a large congregation that they will face the law.

Dr Sakanyi said that churches should be ambassadors of goodwill hence the local authority expects that they lead by example and not conduct themselves in a manner that is contrary to what is expected.

He said the council will together with state police continue conducting inspections and dispersing gatherings ensuring that those found wanting face the wrath of the law.

This is contained in a statement issued by Assistant Public Relations Manager Evelyn Mulenga.