Over zealous cops anger the media during presidential assignments

 Over zealous cops anger the media during presidential assignments

Press Association of Zambia PAZA president Andrew Sakala has expressed disappointment with the continued harassment of journalists by state security when covering presidential assignments.

Mr Sakala was reacting to the recent harrassment of journalists from the private media during the NFCA handover project by the republican president.

Mr Sakala said the behaviour by the state security during the NFCA event was like playing the role of an editor in deciding who covers the event.

Mr emphasised that the police had no role in making editorial decisions on behalf of journalists saying the role if police is mainly to ensure that everyone is secure.

“The decisions of who should cover the President does not lie with the state security. Police should not be allowed to make such decisions,” he said.

He said that organisers of the events should take charge and not allow the police to start deciding who should cover the head of state as the event was a public event.

He wondered why government officials have continued segregating the media by only allowing the state own public broadcaster to cover presidential assignments.

He has since appealed to the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to guide his officers and let them know that they have no role to decide who should be covered or not.

On Wednesday this week in Chambishi President Edgar Lungu was heard expressing concern why his personal security is always fighting with the media

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