Over 2,000 died in road accidents last year

 Over 2,000 died in road accidents last year

Over Two Thousand people died last year in road traffic accidents across the country.

Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said during the year 2021, a total number of 32,372 road traffic accidents were recorded country wide.

Mr Hamoonga said 1,757 were fatal road traffic accidents of which 2,163 persons were killed.

He said 2,988 were serious road traffic accidents in which 5,307 persons were seriously injured and 6,231 were slight road traffic accidents in which 9,182 persons were slightly injured.

Other accident recorded where 21,396 damage only road traffic accidents.

Mr Hamoonga said the figures shows an in increase by 3,888 in comparison with the year 2020, where 28,484 road traffic accidents were recorded.

He said the record shows an increase in both fatal road traffic accidents by 353 and in persons killed by 473 in 2020.

Mr Hamoonga said an increase K9, 433,166.00 was recorded in admission of guilty fines as K45, 844,721.00 was collected in 2020 compared to K55, 277,887.00 collected in 2021.

He said most of the accidents were attributed to human error as a result of Excessive speed representing 14.9 per cent, misjudging clearance distance representing 14.5 per cent, Failing to keep to near side representing 14.3 per cent and were cutting in representing 8.2 per cent and Reversing negligently representing 6.3 per cent respectively

Alice Nachilembe


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