Outcome of NDF

 Outcome of NDF

The Forum concluded its business and the following are the amendments made to the Constitution Bill 2019.

1. Revised the preamble to confirm that indeed Zambia remains a Christian nation by removing the words multi religious.

2. Adopted the principle for formation of coalition government where the candidates fail to reach the 50% plus one threshold provided the parties to a coalition government manage to galvanize the total of 50 percent plus one

3. Confirm that the National Assembly shall only dissolve at the date of the general election to allow Members of Parliament complete their full 5 year term

4. Provide for entry of women and marginalized groups in Parliament and Councils through the mixed member electoral system

5. Affirm our people’s right to freedom of conscience by removing Section 9 clause 1 of the Public Order Bill which penalized people who refuse to sing the national anthem. This means that it is not mandatory for any group to sing the national anthem except at public functions

6. Revise the period for hearing of a presidential petition to 30 calendar days from the 14 days

7. Provide for the appointment of deputy Ministers

8. Further, civil servants intending to seek political office must resign from their jobs two years before elections.

9. Reduced the campaign period from three months to sixty days

10. Provided for the independent candidates to select their symbols from the list made available by the Commission

11. Provide for the Commission to publish the election time table in a national wide circulation in addition to the gazette

12.And the provision of a coalition government.

13. Provide for the enjoyment of the right of freedom of assemble and association

14. Regulate the conduct of public gatherings for the preservation of public order.


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  • same old nonsense just rewritten besides amendment of the constitution should be done by critical thinkeres

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