Out going Chingola constituency MP hands over office

 Out going Chingola constituency MP hands over office

Outgoing Chingola Constituency Member of Parliament Mathew Nkhuwa has officially handed over the constituency’s parliamentary office to MP elect Chipoka Mulenga.

Mr Nkhuwa also congratulated Mr Chipoka and the UPND for emerging victorious in the just ended general elections.

He said that elections are a competition for the good of the people of Zambia and only the strongest emerge winners.

“The idea is to compete with ideas and the person who sells the best idea wins the election and in this case the UPND carried the day, therefore we should not hold grudges against ourselves but let democracy prevail,” he said.

Mr Nkhuwa further encouraged Mr Chipoka to work with the people, as the task is mammoth and requires togetherness.

“I have decided to hand over the office because work begins immediately, I know that you are a capable leader and there is no doubt that you will deliver and do the best for the people of Chingola constituency, and I am available to work with you anytime that you need me,” he said.

And MP elect Mr Chipoka thanked Mr Nkhuwa for wholeheartedly handing over the office to him.

Mr Chipoka said that the gesture shows that leadership is beyond partisan politics, but is a component of unity.

“There is no any other person that I would think of that can do this for me; I’m humbled by this gesture because I have heard leaders in various offices that  did not have any hand overs, I also want to say that I will pick up from where you left, all that projects that were started will be completed and those worked on will be maintained, service to humanity is bigger than politics, your works in rural Chingola are commended, were I need guidance I will be seeking from you” he said.

Mr Chipoka added that he will be engaging the former MP from time to time because what he did in the last five years is worth commending.

He also called on the electorates to put political differences aside and remain united for the best interest of the country.

“I have an obligation to serve the people irrespective of political affiliation as long the UPND and president elect Hichilema are in office all Zambians will be served,” he said.