Opposition has no message for the people- Nakachinda

 Opposition has no message for the people- Nakachinda

By Staff Writer

Former Minister of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Raphael Nakacinda says the opposition has no message to tell Zambians because all they had the current administration under President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, has worked on.

Mr Nakacinda reveals that due to lack of a plan and Messages, the opposition has resorted to using old fashioned tactics wishing to win an election.

He said the current opposition is hoping to use the Mealie Meal message that dislodged UNIP from power, saying that tactic will not work because then there was wind of Change and people got tired of UNIP.

Mr Nakacinda said the Zambian people are still in love with the PF and it’s policies and use of failed plans will not work for the opposition.

And Mr Nakacinda said tribal and regional politics are being driven by well-known Politicians and Zambians should not be afraid to name and shame them if the country is to continue on a united front.

He said it is unfortunate that Zambians today are being divided by selfish political entities and individuals all in quest of having power to themselves.

The former Lawmaker has since urged Zambians to look at the massive developmental agenda the Patriotic Front under President Edgar Chagwa Lungu have put up.

“Today disease like Cholera, Dysentery among others that were annually troubling Zambians are a thing of the past due to Ministries set up like Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental, a ministry he held till dissolution of Parliament,” he said.







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