Open letter to Nchanga MP, Chingola DEBS: Nchanga Secondary is using pupils to solicit for money for projects


Dear Nchanga MP, Chingola DEBS,

I write you the distress that Nchanga Secondary is sending pupils to solicit for money to fund some projects at the school.

Let this come to a stop.

We can’t be sending pupils in the streets to beg for money from people, this act is against the law.

The move is exposing girl child to the hyenas who can take advantage of the poor girls.

And again child labour must not be entertained.

It’s not the duty of pupils to fund school projects but government’s agenda and in some cases parents through the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA).

Solicit Honorable Member of Parliament Chali Chilombo and Chingola DEBS Christopher Nyungila must stop now.

Nkweto Kasonka
Concerned Parent