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Op-Ed: Zambian married women enjoy sex with Gym trainers

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I don’t know why women love sleeping with these Gym Trainers.

I don’t know what charms or tricks these bums use on women because once a woman start going to the gym, nishi kwamana.

And these bums don’t care whether she is married or not.

Even one former Minister couldn’t resist her gym trainer, but before things got messy, the trainer, a former Alpha Bar door bouncer, hooked up with a Dutch woman and left for Netherlands.

There was a Gym in the showground which turned into a sex den, gym trainers had a nice time sleeping with women who went there for training.

People had no idea of what was going on until passersby started noticing parked vehicles for these women shaking violently.

Gym Trainers were having sex in these nice SUVs these women came with.

It had to take the intervention of the Show Society Manager then, to stop these sex shenanigans.

And these gym trainers don’t have a good relationship with condoms, as evidenced by a number of women they made pregnant. Some these children in our homes are children of gym trainers.

Therefore, this latest video of a Lusaka Gym trainer who has been clobbered nicely, mambala can’t even remember where he lives, for sleeping with a married woman, a Mrs Diana Chisuzi reveals what has been going on in these gyms.

It was also foolish and a crime for the husband of Diana or his friends to assault this trainer, takes a video of him while asking him private and unpleasant questions.

“How many times did you sleep with her” etc and the bum is busy answering with blood coming out of his face.

This is an acceptable!

The husband must be arrested, assault is a criminal offence. You can’t take the law into your own hands. Besides, why is this husband only exposing and assaulting the boy?

What about the wife who used to follow this young man at his house for sex?

In the audio, she is even telling the trainer that I will send you a K500 via e-wallet. Macabre!

Comrades, sending your wife to the gym is risky business, if possible, make a gym at home.

Veteran Broadcaster Ambassador Frank Mutubila learnt the hard way and has scars to show for it.

These gym trainers are vicious; if they can do an Italian job on someone’s wife with a nice accent, imagine what they can do to yours, with a Dundumwezi accent.

Gym Trainers Must Fall!


The Independent Observer

John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism

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