Op-Ed: President Lungu must man up and stay home

 Op-Ed: President Lungu must man up and stay home

By Chipoka Mulenga
President Edgar Lungu must for once brave the consequences of his shortcomings and stay at home to sort the problems in the country.

His continued trotting of the world will never resolve problems back home.

It’s unacceptable to have a leader being in three different countries within a space of seven days yet nothing fruitful to benefit country even comes from the same visits.

However, much as he runs away from the problems, he’ll still return and find even worse problems that he keeps running from.

The resources he’s spending on those trips can be channeled to poverty mitigation in drought hit places.

Allow missions based in those countries represent him while he offers solution and provides leadership in Zambia.

He can’t act like the country is on auto pilot. It’s in a time as this one when the country faces serious economic downfall, poor currency performance, higher prices basic goods, unemployment, foreigners land acquisition, corruption, load shading among others, when the country needs him most.

The country needs hope and leadership from a president.

These continued trips are actually contributing to the continued ailing of the economy.

No business opportunities are there for local entrepreneurs except the Asians and the perceived politically connected people.

Can president Lungu please come back home and offer leadership?

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