Op-Ed: Levy Mwanawasa, Edgar Lungu: Lawyers that failed Zambians on constitution

 Op-Ed: Levy Mwanawasa, Edgar Lungu: Lawyers that failed Zambians on constitution

By Special Correspondent
Zambia is a privileged country to have been ruled by two Presidents who happens to be Lawyers, the admired legal brains with good truck record.

Sadly, none of the duo recorded any success in giving Zambians a people driven constitution that meets the aspirations of the people.

Both Mwanawasa and Lungu are quiet brilliant brains and are academically proven so but how they turned out to be practically lazy only their devil understands.

What is shocking is that Lungu is making the similar mistake Mwanawasa made.

Despite the recommendations by the Wila Mung’omba Draft constitution on how to adopt the final draft, Mwanawasa choose the National Constitution Conference (NCC).

The outspoken Antonio Mwanza was among the delegates of the failed project as University Students’ Representative.

Allowances dropped into his pockets and he defended the NCC.

Lungu makes the similar mistake and only changes the name from NCC to National Dialogue and Antonio Mwanza is among the delegates.

When there is precedence of failure on such a discredited modus operandi of enacting the constitution, it is hard to understand why President Lungu has opted to trade on this undesirable path.

NCC and NDF have one evil thing in common. They are made up of individuals who have no discernible followership but are carefully selected by the President. Whose interest do such delegates represent?

These NDF delegates are selected by government, and are paid allowances by government. Surely, whoever pays the Piper calls the tune!

The people’s faith in the Members of Parliament is dim. These are MPs who blindingly consented to a constitutional clause that inserted the requirement of a grade twelve certificate for one to contest elections, yet most of them had no certificates in question.

To have a constitution that stands a test of time requires a sitting President to raise above pettiness.

Since 1964, we have been fondling with the constitution like private parts of the sex worker.

By now, we have all what the people want to see in the constitution but the leaders have their own expectations which espouses their own interests.

They are shamelessly removing what doesn’t appease them and make the constitution friendly to the ruling party.

No wonder each government that has come to power, always has gone to do the fondly with constitution’s private parts to make it wet and ready for rape.

From now onwards our Presidents must stop swearing that they will PROTECT the constitution, instead they must swear to ‘AMEND, ALTER and REVIEW the constitution.

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