Only Zambians can develop Zambia-Wynter

 Only Zambians can develop Zambia-Wynter

Rainbow Party General Secretary Wynter Kabimba says Zambia’s development should be driven by its own citizen.

Speaking in Chingola yesterday, Mr Kabimba said the country can only transform and stop borrowing money when Zambian citizens become the primary actors’ of the activities of the economy.

He said borrowing in Zambia has become a source for development instead of supplement to what is available.

The Rainbow leader said only when citizens of the country become primary actors in the mining sector, Agriculture sector, the sale of goods and services, manufacturing and everything.

“Unless this country has a leadership that makes an agenda for the  development process to be driven by the Zambians themselves with the support from the  government of the day, weather small scale famers or small scale mining we shall not make an head way.

“No country in the world has ever developed by the exclusion of it citizens. Every leader who comes on the Copperbelt has one message of bringing in more investors yet the Copperbelt has the large number of investors with a large number of unemployment including Chingola,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said the country cannot develop through Foreign Direct Investments alone but with effort of the citizens supported by the government.

He said Government is exploiting its own people, that’s why the economy is not doing fine.

“Zambia minerals are mined to make the Zambian people poorer and the investors and their countries rich. The question is that how can the owners of the minerals be poor than those extracting it.

“Why do people still trust PF who are cheating? Do you think Government can go against these investors they are just cheating you,” he said.



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