Offer affordable financial services, banks told

 Offer affordable financial services, banks told

The opposition Economic Front Party Copperbelt Provincial Chairperson Fewdays Nsensema says there is need to make local banks affordable for financial services.

Mr Nsensema said that Government should set up local banks owned either by Government or Zambians so that they can offer financial services.

He said this should include loans with affordable interest rates and less collateral required to citizens through co-operatives.

Mr Nsensema has urged the Government not to start dishing out money to cooperatives.

He said the dishing out of money is the method failed before without yielding any results

Mr Nsensema alleged that the method of dishing out money is meant to appease the ruling party cadres and sympathizers rather than real empowerment and financing of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs.

“The planed way of dishing out money through cooperatives using CDF is not different from what the previous government was doing,” he said.