Number of traffic accidents reduced this year- Police

 Number of traffic accidents reduced this year- Police

The Country has recorded a total number of 120 road traffic accidents during this year’s New Year holidays.

11 were fatal road traffic accidents in which 13 people died, 14 were serious road traffic accidents in which 15 persons were seriously injured, 33 were slight road traffic accidents in which 35 persons were slightly injured and 62 were damage only road traffic accidents.

Police Public Relations Officer Esther Katongo said Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of road traffic accidents with 52 whilst Muchinga Province recorded the least with 02 road traffic accidents.

Ms Katongo said this year they has been a decrease in comparison with the same period last year in both fatalities and number of accidents.

She said a total number of casualties in 2017/ 2018 New Year’s holiday was 169 as compared to 63 casualties in this New Year holiday which shows a decrease by 106 casualties.

Ms Katongo said there is a reduction in road traffic accidents and offences due to increased presence of Traffic Officers together with RTSA Staff on all major roads.

She said there was compliance of road traffic rules and regulations by the motorists and pedestrians.

Ms Katanga said these accidents are attributed to human error such as excessive speed and pedestrians crossing the road without due care.

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