Nuclear energy vital for the country

 Nuclear energy vital for the country

The Ministry of Information and Media in conjunction with the Ministry of Technology and Science says investment in nuclear energy has immense benefits to the country.

Information and Media Permanent Secretary Kennedy Kalunga said among the benefits of a nuclear energy program in the country is a reliable, affordable, clean and stable electricity source that is not affected by fluctuations of weather patterns.

Nuclear energy is known to protect the air quality by producing the massive amount of carbon free electricity.

Apart from reliability and cost effectiveness, nuclear energy is essential to the climate change response as well as greenhouse emissions happening around the world.

Speaking during a media training workshop for journalists at Mulungushi conference center, Mr Kalunga said that other benefits of nuclear energy in the country will be the provisions of health care services which include treatment of cancer among them.

“Zambia has been receiving fluctuations in the rainfall patterns which affects the country with regards for example to electricity generation as water is involved. This impacts negatively in the development of the country, hence the importance on the nuclear energy the country has embarked on,” he said.

Mr Kalunga said it will also be useful in the enhancement of effective mining in the country.

“When fully implemented, Zambia will become second in the continent from South Africa to have a developed nuclear program,” he said.