No time to celebrate-Chipoka

 No time to celebrate-Chipoka

Chingola Constituency Member of Parliament elect Chipoka Mulenga has thanked the residents in the constituency for voting for him and the UPND.

Mr Chipoka said that the UPND will be working based on merit and it will be a party of all Zambians.

Mr Chipoka said that there is no time to rest and celebrate, but they will start working from the word go, to ensure that issues affecting the residents are addressed.

“ I wish to thank the residents of Chingola constituency for entrusting us with power, we want to call upon each resident to put politics aside so that we can work together and develop our constituency, work begins now, the landslide victory is a sign that there is a call to work in many areas,” he said

Mr Chipoka said that he will engage the losing candidates so that they can work together to develop the constituency, as all the candidates have good ideas that can help in bettering the lives of the residents