No Street vending compromise-Ndola Mayor

 No Street vending compromise-Ndola Mayor

By Thulasizwe Tembo
Ndola Mayor Amon Chisenga said the police will be called in if the worst goes to the worst with street vending. 

And Mayor Chisenga said there is no compromise to street vending, vowing that no one will be allowed to go back to the streets.

Commenting on the move by some vendors to get back in the streets after 17:00 hours, Mayor Chisenga said the local authority is monitoring the situation.

“We are monitoring the situation and if the worst goes to the worst, we will call in the police to act and stop this.  There is no more street vending and no one will go back to the streets.  There is no compromise to this.  We have made it clear and the law should be respected, ” Chisenga said.

He said the local authority wants to ensure that the city is kept clean.

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