No one was left homeless in the Gymkhana demolitions-Chingola Mayor

 No one was left homeless in the Gymkhana demolitions-Chingola Mayor

Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo says there is no one who was left homeless in the Gymkhana demolition.

Mr Tembo said that all structures raised down, none was occupied or close to completion.

He said it was mischievous for any to peddle lies of the council’s quick intervention and create a fallacy that the Local Authority had displaced families.

“Let is also be made clear that Chingola Municipal Council will not take kindly to any persons who will be found illegally allocating land or building without the necessary building documents such as planning or building permits. It has come to my attention and that of the Local Authority that malicious stories have been peddled on various social media platforms pertaining to the demolition exercise that occurred in Gymkhana.

“I would like to state clearly that Chingola Municipal Council acted within its legal mandate as enshrined in the Urban and Regional Planning Act. The Local Authority is ready to follow the law to the latter and any aggrieved persons claiming ownership of the said parcels of land as earlier advised are free to bring relevant documentation to the council. The Chingola Municipal Council would like to send a stern warning that it will not allow illegalities in its borough and thus all are advised to follow correct procedures of land allocation, alienation and development,” the Mayor said.

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