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Chingola Municipal says it will not increase any of its Levies, charges and fees in the 2019 civic budget.

The move is aimed at lessening the burden on the payers of the levies, fees, charges and licences.

Speaking during a stakeholders’ budgetary meeting held at Samfred Garden, Director of Finance at Chingola Council Dedu Mwense said the Council would not increase charges, fees and levies next year.

Mr Mwense said the Council would instead acquire more revenue for the year 2019 by identifying new sources of income like the sand levy and other sources to be announced.

He emphasised that the identification of new sources of revenue by the council does not mean an increase in the amount paid for fees, levies, charges and licences.

“This is a means by which the council seeks to gain more revenue without choking the people already paying. There is a difference between increasing the amount paid for Levies, licences and other charges and increasing sources of revenue to broaden our revenue base.

“This is because government has noted with concern the hardships being faced by the people. The council 2019 budget revenue will be 28% funded by national support in terms of grants and the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) and 72% will be locally generated revenue. This is the revenue the council gets through its various levies, charge and fees.