No house will be demolished in Luano ward- Nchanga MP

 No house will be demolished in Luano ward- Nchanga MP


Nchanga Member of Parliament Derricky Chilundika has assured the residents of mountain area in Luano ward, whose houses are marked for demolition to stay calm as no house will be demolished.

The residents who are over one thousand are alleged to have built houses on the land belonging to Mapalo Queries which also houses Guy Scott  police post and Guy Scott clinic.

Speaking when he addressed the Residents that gathered at Nchanga youth development centre in Kapisha yesterday, Mr Chilundika assured the residents that no house will be demolished.

He said that the court ruled that the company in question has to find land and transportation for the residents to vacant the land.

Mr Chilundika said he will fight tooth and nail for justice to prevail.

He also urged the residents to listen to one voice reason.

“We want the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the title deed by Mapalo queries which was fraudulently acquired, no government can give land to a foreigner to demolish a police and clinic plus thousands of residents, the demolition will not happen,” he said.

And Mr Chilundika has also filed in compliant against Mapalo Queries that they acquired their title deed for the mountain area land fraudulently.

He questioned how Mapalo Queries acquired 95 hectares of land that already had settlers, a police post and a mini hospital.

Mr Chilundika said Chingola police will now investigate how Mapalo Queries acquired the said land as no full council meeting records of 2014 indicate that the deed was approved by a full council meeting sitting.

Luano ward councillor Evans Sipito said that the land dispute needs to be resolved as soon as possible because many residents are grappled with fear their homes been demolished.

The land wrangle between residents of Mountain area and Mapalo Queries dates back to 2014, with the recent demolition of Kasompe Airstrip houses, the residents in Mountain area have been living in fear of having their houses demolished.

But the area MP has assured them that the case will be thoroughly investigated to determine how the title deed for Mapalo Queries was acquired without any backing of council meeting in 2014.