No face mask distribution-IG

 No face mask distribution-IG

The Inspector General of police Kakoma Kanganja has directed that no one should be allowed to distribute face masks and receive political leaders at airports or any other public place.

Mr Kanganja said that it has been observed that some political party leaders have taken the route of deliberately abrogating the electoral code of conduct and covid 19 regulations under the guise of distributing face masks.

He said they are using this activity to gather large crowds which are turning out to be processions or rallies.

Mr Kanganja said that due to covid – 19, all gatherings and activities that may attract huge crowds were suspended by the electoral commission of Zambia working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

He said the guidance was that only door to door campaigns should be allowed and with not more than three people.

“However, this does not seem to be the case on the ground.  I have observed continued political activities being allowed by some regulating officers, the conduct which is outside the provisions of the law guiding the electoral process.

From today onwards, i want to see total compliance to existing regulations, failure to which action shall be taken on officers failing to do their job according to regulations on Covid-19 and   provisions of the law,” he said.

Mr Kanganja said that police have been tolerant for a long time and this tolerance is being taken as weakness by some political players and has resulted in them not taking heed to regulations and guidance..

He said that until the guidelines are revised, there shall be no road shows, public rallies or public processions countrywide.

Mr Kanganja said that all officers should ensure that these regulations are followed by all political parties.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.