No confusion will erupt in UPND Alliance-Milupi

 No confusion will erupt in UPND Alliance-Milupi

The United Party for National Development (UPND) Alliance Chairperson Charles Milupi has assured Zambians that confusion will not erupt in the alliance despite having prominent leaders from various political parties.

Mr Milupi who is also Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) President said that the parties that have joined the alliance cannot bring about confusion because they have endorsed UNPD leader Hakainde Hichilema as Presidential candidate.

“The alliance partners have the integrity and are focused on improving the livelihood of Zambian people, and the leaders are of goodwill and will not tarnish the democracy in the country, Zambia needs change that will ensure that living standards are improved, exchanges rates are not compromised, the kwacha stabilizes, and the cost essential commodities maintained to levels ordinary Zambians can afford,” He said

“The idea of the UPND alliance is to bring the country on track and there will be bootlicker allowed in the alliance at expense of Zambians, what each party will bring in the table will be what is considered not the individuals or party’s interests will be subordinate,” he said.

Mr Milupi noted that the alliance when elected into office, alliance will only have one president, and others will be given responsibilities that will culminate into making the alliance a success.

He said the alliance wants to transform the country alleging that if the current ruling party returns power after the 12th August elections, the economy of the country will worsen.

“Individual parties’ interest will not be considered in the alliance as the main core is to ensure that the country is on track in all areas and the people of Zambia benefit greatly,” he said


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