Nkhuwa ‘wheels’ ZANIS to voter registration

 Nkhuwa ‘wheels’ ZANIS to voter registration

Chingola Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa has given Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Chingola K13, 500 to buy brand new tyres for the ZANIS vehicle used in the voter sensitisation program.

Mr Nkhuwa has also given ZANIS K1, 500 to buy fuel for the team to go round in Chingola sensitizing the public.

ZANIS Nissan Hard Body has been limping because of old tyres and the lawmaker has decided to help the media house by buying four brand new tyres for the vehicle.

Mr Nkhuwa who is also Energy Minister said once the fuel runs out he will replenish the tank to enable the media finish the sensitisation in this phase.

During chemical gassing in Chingola, police had complained of mobility, here again Mr Nkhuwa was handy.

He permanently gave out his Toyata Hilux twin cab. This is the vehicle which is stationed at Chiwempala Police Station.

He again lobbied for a brand new Toyata Extra can from Toyota Zambia which is now stationed at Chingola central.

In times of need of the District, Mr Nkhuwa providdes the solution to benefit the entire District.

Already, Chingola Constituency has a Hearse which benefit everyone in Chingola as long as they contact the Chingola Constituency Office a day before.

Under this arrangement, Matty Investments, the company for Mr Nkhuwa buys fuel, services the vehicle and pays the driver.

In case of passing through a road toll gate, Matty Investments shoulders the cost leaving the bereaved family stress free.

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