Nkhuwa repairs Imanda yaba Chawa bridge

 Nkhuwa repairs Imanda yaba Chawa bridge

Chingola Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa has repaired the bridge connecting Chabanyama and Lulamba Hillside.

Initially, the Chingola Lawmaker had used Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to construct a bridge on the Chabanyama stream but it was washed away because the people engaged to do the job had put the culverts parallel to the flow of water.

Without this bridge, residents in Chabanyama and Hillside have to go round through Chawama road when the distance is less than a kilometre.

But now the bridge has one again been done and is passable.

One of the residents living nearby Justin Yule said the connecting bridge is called amanda yaba Chawa.

Mr Yule said the bridge was so pathetic and completely impassable.

“The bridge connects Lulamba Hillside and Gibson Chimfwembe Ward through Chiwempala road. MrNkhuwa has listened to the cries of his people and he has started working on it. The works are expected to complete in a week,” he said.

Pictures By Justin Yule.

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