Nkhuwa has lightened our funeral burden

 Nkhuwa has lightened our funeral burden

…we don’t want to back to suffering

By Staff Writer
The community of Ipafu Ward in Chingola Constituency wants the PF leadership to adopt Maposa Nkhuwa so that they can continue using the Hearse when burying their loved ones.

Chingola lawmaker Matthew Nkhuwa had bought a Hearse so that people can be using when burying their dead loved ones.

Apart from the Hearse, Mr Nkhuwa bought tents in each ward to shelter mourners in bad weather during bereavements.

It is against this background that the people fear that if any other person apart from Maposa is adopted, they may not continue receiving the philanthropy and pro bono services that Mr Nkhuwa has been providing.

Margaret Musonda of Ipafu said that it was a problem burying their dead loved loves before Mr Nkhuwa had brought in the initiative of the Hearse.

Ms Musonda said the people of Ipafu would not want to go back into suffering when death strikes, hence choosing to rally behind Mr Nkhuwa’s son Maposa Nkhuwa.

She said the women of Ipafu have organized themselves to offer solidarity to Maposa Nkhuwa.

Mr Nkhuwa handed over the Hearse to the community on October 10, 2018 and since then the vehicle has helped in transporting 919 bodies across Chingola district to the final resting place.

It attends to an average of 32 deaths per month.

The Hearse is serviced by Matty Investments where Maposa is Technical Director. The driver is an employee of Matty Investments and refueling and payment of toll gates is done by Matty investments.

The residents of Chingola use the Hearse at no fee. All they need to do is to contact Chingola Constituency Parliamentary Assistant John Kaluwe to tell him on the day of burial.

And Maposa who is the anchor man of the property said his desire is to continue with his father’s legacy which was aimed at lightening the burden of the community.

He said old images can tell how regularly he ensured that the Manda Manda (Hearse) was replenished with fuel.

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