Nkhuwa gives Radio phone caller a wheelchair

 Nkhuwa gives Radio phone caller a wheelchair

Chingola Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa has handed over a wheel chair to a-73-old year Henry Katiki of Chikola Loop area.

At the same handover, a 50-year-old Cathrine Chilekwa, the Secretary at Chingola District Health Office was given K5, 000 cash to buy a clutch and a customised shoe.

Mr Katiki had called Mr Nkhuwa during a live phone in radio program on Iwave FM to request for a wheelchair.

On the material day Mr Nkhuwa was on radio to highlight the achievements scored in his constituency and some empowerments he has offered to women and youths.

It was at this point that Mr Katiki had called in and requested for a wheelchair because his both legs had been amputated due to sugar complications.

And yesterday, Philanthropist Chingola Constituency Law Marker fullfilled his promise he made on radio when he handed over the brand new wheelchair to Mr Katiki and gave him a K1, 000 to cushion the January economic hardship.

Mr Nkhuwa said his desire is to touch lives of people as their representative.

He told Mr Katiki who had written to the office of the President that he was a representative of President Edgar Lungu in the Constituency and whatever challenge people have in the area, he must be the first point of contact, unless it is beyond him.

Another person that had made a request to Mr Nkhuwa was Ms Chilekwa, who was in need of a set of a clutch and a customised shoe to balance up as she is walking.

And since the handover of the wheelchair was done at Chingola District Health office, Mr Nkhuwa simply gave her K5, 000 cash the amount she had requested.

Mr Katiki who spent 30 years in Pastoral work had his first leg amputated in 2014 then the other was amputated in 2018 and has stroke complications.

He has been using the same wheelchair which had been de-wheeled thereby reducing his mobility.

He thanked Mr Nkhuwa for wheelchair saying he had written to several people for help.

And Ms Chilekwa who wished Mr Nkhuwa well said the gesture will make the physically challenged to feel appreciated.

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