Nkhuwa, Chilombo and Titus Tembo in a unifying tripartite meeting

 Nkhuwa, Chilombo and Titus Tembo in a unifying tripartite meeting

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The three elected leaders of Chingola namely; Chingola Constituency Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa, Nchanga Member of Parliament Chali Chilombo and Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo were yestersay seen having a peaceful unifying tripartite meeting.

The trio had a closed door tripartite meeting at Matty Investments around 17:30 hrs yesterday January 3, 2020.

Like in most of the districts of Zambia, the Mayor-MPs relationship has been sour and obviously this is what the three leaders wanted to address.

The three who had earlier met Chingola Officer Commanding Peter Miselo and Chingola District Commissioner Mary Chibesa at the DCs office probably centered their meeting on unity and other business being security of the district.

Obviously on the table was the resignation of Chingola Constituency PF vice Chairperson Geoffrey Mwembatanya.

None of the three disclosed what the agenda was but the sight of them together was good mews for Chingola and will simplify the work of Chingola District Commissioner Mary Chibesa and Chingola Town Clerk Mutakela Kabombo.

The trio has not had a rose working relations and seeing them together in what appeared like a triple thread team, must signal good news for Chingola as a whole.

It is incumbent upon these three leaders to unify and unity Chingola in order to prosper the mining town. Also their lieutenants will in live harmony without camps.

Mostly what hear are camps for Nkhuwa, Tembo and Chilombo among PF disciples and it has been the hope of top civil servants in the district that the trio begin doing things together.

Each time the trio has not been in harmony, gossip thrives and they begin to plant intelligent persons to spy on others.

Like former University of Zambia Student Union (UNZASU) President Warran Hamusunga said, ‘If a leader does not attend to a problem, he himself becomes a problem and the problem becomes a leader.’

What we expect is that the trio must not develop cold feet when it comes to Chairmanship of Patriotic Front in the District.

Yes the party is supreme, but let them help to instill discipline and foster protocol.

This is a good step for the development of Chingola as whole because ‘united we stand and divided we fall.’

The lieutenants of the these three have dubiously been benefiting from their misunderstanding.

If they can agree to work together in sincerity and trust, even the gossiping lieutenants will no longer exist.

All they need now is to close their ears and focus on what they have started, then it will have common good for Chingola.

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