New water boards challenged

 New water boards challenged

Water Development and Sanitation Minister Mike Mposha has challenged the newly appointed boards of water utilities and statutory bodies to discharge their duties effectively.

Speaking during the official opening for the Chief Executive Forum, Mr Mposha said in the recent past, the Ministry was forced to appear before the Public Accounts Committee for reasons which could have been avoided.

He also directed the newly elected boards to ensure accountability and transparency of public resources.

Mr Mposha said he will not hesitate to terminate contracts of board members or Chairpersons who fail to comply with the terms agreed in the contracts.

“The responsibility of the new boards to provide supervision over the institutions where they are appointed, Government will accelerate resource mobilization strategies for support towards government’s efforts in ensuring National Security, Sanitation and Hygiene for all,” he said.

And, the World Bank, the lead cooperating partner in the water sector has challenged the new boards to ensure challenges resulting in non-revenue water, dilapidated water supply and sanitation infrastructure, pollution, among others are addressed.

The World Bank Representative Anna Cestari said the Bank will continue to work with government to ensure access to clean and safe water is a reality for all Zambians.